Our servers are Linux based and can easily accommodate WordPress sites. Our company hosts websites. We are not a custom, sophisticated web designing operation. Each of our web hosting customers will most likely fall in one of two categories, both of whom want to manage their website content without needing to work with an ongoing consulting relationship with anyone:

1. We set up the WordPress software and equip you to manage your site content.

Most of our clients want to be in control of editing the content on their website, but do not want to become a guru on website design.. They are often completely unfamiliar with web site design. We can help you find a suitable domain name, register it for you and set up a hosting site with WordPress, a simple software package, so that you can add and modify your content (text, photos, and videos) any time you wish. The normal cost for this type of site setup and the first year of hosting is $1000. Content can be added and modified by you through WordPress, without any special software needed to be on your computer except a web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, or similar). The primary prerequisite for this is that you know how to use conventional word processing software. We will assist you in learning how to make content pages in your site without our assistance. This process is quite simple and will allow you to easily make modifications as you desire. After the first year of hosting, the current cost to continue will be a prepayment of $220/year.


2. You desire only a place to host your website. You upload and manage your own content.

Some companies wish to maintain their own design and content for their web site and wish only to have a reliable place to host their web site. We are happy to provide this service for an annual prepaid fee of $300.00. Disk space can accommodate up to 1 GB at no additional cost. The current cost to continue will be a prepayment of $220/year.


If you desire particularly complex e-commerce services and you are not completely competent to make these capabilities work on a hosting site, Diakoniahosting might not be the best choice of web hosting services for you. We strive to provide excellent support for our services, but cannot be all things to all people. We do not do consultation on web sites which are not designed and hosted by us.